2016-12-16-20-46-23The first steps…

into blogging. Is this even still a thing, or is it only occupying space on the internet in the same way MySpace is occupying space; that nothing is ever deleted from the internet. Either way it seems a good way to get out to anyone who wants to listen.

Alrighty. you’re probably wondering what this blog will be all about, well to put it simple: IT Infrastructure; Servers, hardware, software, networking and virtualisation.

In some posts I will know what I am talking about, other posts will be a supplement to my education where I’ll try out things; experimenting, tinkering. (and hopefully learning)

The first posts will mostly be about my AsrockRack EP2C602 I want to get to know the board, what it can do, and what the possibilities with this board is. I know it isn’t the newest motherboard out there, but that doesn’t mean that it is a bad board, in fact I’m fairly sure that this board is a pretty damned good base for a home server.

The board will be powered by a pair of Xeon e5-2630L a 6 cores 12 threads low powered CPU, with enough RAM to accommodate enough virtual machines to satisfy most demands.

All those cores will be cooled by a pair of be quiet! Shadow Rock Slims

Storage will primarily be handled by an (un)Raid array of 3 Terra Bytes of Western Digital Reds.

An older Chenbro RM 411 will frame the entire project. This is the oldest part of the server, and that shows… clearly.

Power! We need power… I have that. well barely, I have a no-name PSU at around 500 watts, at least that is what the labels says, I’m not too sure that I would push it that far… actually I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t!

This blog will be very casual, with a nerdy touch. I look forward to develop this, and reach out to you.

Best Regards

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