As I mentioned in The Motherboard post my PSU only has a single 4 pin ATX connector to feed the CPU and as the ep2c602 is a dual CPU wielding beast that doesn’t cut it when you want to use both sockets that is. When “only” using one socket. The 4 pin ATX connector would be enough. Why is a 8 pin EPS is needed then? Well in short the EPS connector supplies more copper from the PSU to the CPU. That means that the CPU can draw more power from the PSU with less strain on the wires.

But I digress… I wanted a PSU with high-efficiency and I wanted it to be silent. Being very satisfied with the build and feel of my Shadow Rock Slims I turned to be quiet! once again and bought the Dark Power Pro 11 550 watt:

Box Front.png

A black carton box with silver and orange highlights and with everything else be quiet! does it is in good quality carton that protects it precious contents. In the top left corner we can see that not only is the DPP 11 modular in design but it is also cooled by be quiet!s high end fan Silent wings and to top it of the DPP 11 is rated as a 80 plus® Platinum.

The 80 plus® specification is a certification that requires that a PSU must be 80% efficient or higher at 20, 50 and 100% of rated load. Within the 80 plus® there are further ratings at 50% rated load these are:

  • 80 plus®— 80%
  • 80 plus® bronze— 82%
  • 80 plus® silver— 85%
  • 80 plus® gold— 90%
  • 80 plus® platinum— 92%
  • 80 plus® titanium— 94%

On the left and the right of the box there is a short description of the DPP 11 in different languages:


On the back we have  an “about” be quiet!, again in multiple languages and maybe most interesting: the constellation of the cables that comes with this modular PSU.

box-backThe only cable that is permanently attached to the device is the 20+4 ATX power connector all other cables are attachable and detachable. The Modular design of a PSU means results in much less cable clutter because you can decide for yourself which cables you want to attach and which you will leave out. I mean who still uses the mini molex connector usually used to power a floppy disk drive (There is a description of what a floppy disk is in the dictionary for those who don’t know what it is…). This means less clutter inside the cabinet. Which in turn means less surface where dust can settle and to some extend less obstructed airflow.

The Dark Power Pro 11 is if you don’t mind me saying one sexy piece of equipment. It is held mostly int black but that is nothing new with be quiet!. But that doesn’t mean that it is getting old.
The stickers on both sides have protruding letters. They are aligned in a way that it doesn’t matter how it is mounted in the case they will face the right way.


The fan grill has an unusual design; instead of the round grill found on most other PSU be quiet! has more of a bar design. I quite like it. The fan intake is funnel-shaped resulting in less turbulence and noise.

On the front and the back the PSU has a rubber grommet effectively isolating it from the case to reduce vibration which again is to prevent noise. be quiet! really get out of their way to ensure the most quiet experience for the user.



The fan is be quiet!s a SilentWings 3 and measures 135mm in diameter. It is temperature controlled and will spin up as the warmer the PSU gets to a maximum of 1200 RPM. According to the be quit!s homepage the fan will at 1200 RPM only develop 10,1 dB(A) that is about as loud as a soft whisper. The motor features a 6 pole design that should result in a smoother operation and lower power consumption.

Front of DPP11.png


The connectors are aligned logically and they are keyed so that it is very difficult to connect the cables to the wrong connector. Closest to the 20+4 pin are the two connectors where the cables that prompted me to buy the PSU in the first place are connected. To the left of them there are the cables for powering the graphics card supposed to go. I’m not planning for at graphics card as this server is going to headless; no keyboard, mouse or monitor attached in the daily operations.
I am however going to use the next connectors as my build will contain an ever growing array of drives.
dpp11-connectorsThere are four two pins fan connectors if your motherboard hasn’t enough (This can be the case of m-itx motherboards).
The white connector (why, oh why did you use white be quiet!? it is really an eyesore on this otherwise beautiful PSU) is th OCK. This is meant for overclockers. Under normal circumstances it is desirable to leave the OCK in the off position this means that the PSU is running on four 12v rails, instead of one single rail.
“Why has be quiet! added that feature?” you might ask. On a single rail PSU all of the current flowing through the +12v rail. That means 550 watts divided by 12v that equals dpp11-wattage-schemearound 45 amps. With 45 amps you can drive a good overclock both on CPU, RAM and GPU.
“But, Why aren’t all PSU’s single rail then?” Well in short it is a matter of safety; in a PSU there are a number of safety circuits; OCP and SCP, these “monitor” the rail(s). Let us say that a short circuit occurs and the SCP fails the PSU will continue to feed current into the system until OCP kicks in and shuts the PSU down. But before that 12v and 45 amps have been running through the short circuit that is a massive energy surge, electrical will cease to function and worst case they will start to burn. That is why multiple rails have been introduced. The wattage of the power supply is divided in to portions. Yhe DPP 11 550w is divided into 4 rails.

There are quite a few accessories that comes along with the Dark Power Pro 11 550.cables

The cables and layout:

  • 1 ATX 20+4 pin Power connector (Fixed)
  • 1 8 pin EPS connector
  • 1 4+4 pin EPS connector
  • 2 sata, 2 molex, 1 mini molex
  • 3 sata
  • 3 sata
  • 1 molex
  • 2 6+2 pin PCI-E connector
  • 2 6+2 pin PCI-E connector
  • 6 pin PCI-E connector
  • 4 fan connectors
  • 1 ock toggle switch
  • 1 ock jumper

All in all a good package. The only thing that bothers me a little is that the cables of the fan connectors and the OCK toggle switch aren’t sleeved. But the good thing is that the cables that are sleeved are all black. So that the “rainbow effect” is nonexistent (disregarded the cables that aren’t sleeved /irony)

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The Dark Power Pro 11 550w and I will have many years together. Well at least five; be quiet! offers a five-year warranty on the DPP 11. It is very good to know that be quiet! has confidence in their product that makes me sleep well.

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