So it has been some quiet weeks since i posted POWER! That is because I have been and actually still am in school. As a part of my education I am required to attend school ever so often to learn new (new for me that is) and exciting aspects of my education.

This – for a lack of a better term – semester I’ll learn a little something about network security. My classmates and I are being treated with the CCNAS (CCNA Security) curriculum. But that is not all we will learn about requirements analysis, where we systematically will analyse the requirements a given customer may have in an upcoming project. We will learn about Microsoft Exchange environment and this is maybe the one thing I’m looking forward to the most. Email maybe one of the most important forms of communication in our time. Because of that I will write a post of the work that my classmates and I will be doing in that week.

One other thing that I look forward to as well is an advanced course in Microsofts PowerShell. For you that don’t know what PowerShell is: PowerShell is maybe the most powerful and versatile tool Microsoft has ever created, it is a CLI based management and scripting tool based on the .Net framework. Which means that every item handled by PowerShell is an object with attributes that can be (man)handled as you see fit.powershell The scripting capabilities of PowerShell are incredible; imagine that you are working in user administration and HR has just mailed you 178 names that needs to be imported into you Active Directory. This would be very tedious work in the GUI. With PowerShell it is a matter of importing the list to PowerShell, and do a little magic with the cmdlets (pronounced Command lets) and in a matter of seconds all 178 users are imported to your Active Directory. Yes it is that easy, and yes it is that fast.

Enough about the software, what about the hardware!?

Ah yes, hardware. If you have read the past posts you might have noticed that I haven’t installed the motherboard in a case yet, well I’m waiting for the postman to bring me a packet – a quite large packet indeed.

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