The first steps…… into blogging. Is this even still a thing, or is it only occupying space on the internet in the same way MySpace is occupying space; that nothing is ever deleted from the internet. Either way it seems a good way to get out to anyone who wants to[…]

The Motherboard

For some time now I wanted to upgrade my homeserver, the one I have now is based on a 1st gen core i5 processor with 8GB of Ram sitting on an m-itx motherboard with only four sata connections. The four sata connections quickly became an obstacle to expand my array of harddisks. I solved that by buying a cheap Sata[…]

Cooling the Processors

I want his build to be quiet(!), but I didn’t want to compromise on performance either. And as we all know, there is pretty much only one country you can go to if you want efficiency: Germany. Even though this Germany based company has quite a reputation, I have never owned a product from be quiet! but always[…]


As I mentioned in The Motherboard post my PSU only has a single 4 pin ATX connector to feed the CPU, and as the ep2c602 is a dual CPU wielding beast that doesn’t cut it, when you want to use both sockets that is. When “only” using one socket the 4 pin ATX connector would be enough. Why is a 8 pin EPS is needed then?[…]


So it has been some quiet weeks since i posted POWER! That is because I have been and actually still am in school. As a part of my education I am required to attend school ever so often to learn new (new for me that is) and exciting aspects of my education.[…]

Mail Exchange

Day 1 As I mentioned in my previous post I am to learn about the Exchange environment at some point in this “semester”. Finally that day has come.[…]